My Almost-Mother-In-Law’s Battle With Telemarketers
It is rare that I get a telemarketing call these days, but for people who still use landlines, they are a frequent occurrence.
You might be saying, "People still use landlines?" Believe it or not, they're not gone yet.
In fact, my almost-mother-in-law Peggy has a landline as her…
Funny Town Names in Montana
We learned that Square Butte, Montana earned the honors of the "Weirdest City Names". Which got us to thinking, there have GOT to be others that are just as strange and quirky. Sure enough, there are. And a lot of them!!
More Dirty Jokes About Montana
There are jokes, and then there are jokes about Montana. Safe to say that when most people make up jokes about the big sky state, they aren't usually kind. Often times it's something that has to do with the locals having no teeth, no intelligence, and no one else to date but their family members. Bu…

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