Places To Escape Billings For The Holidays Under $600
If you are looking to do something new this year for the holidays and have the itch to get out of Billings but think it's too late to book anything for cheap... think again! I just looked for round trip airfare (per person) to the following destinations:

New York City - $565
Las Vegas - $291
Palm …
Hallmark Has Released Their Holiday Movie LineUp
You know it's almost Halloween when we start seeing Christmas everything! But who the heck cares?! We all know that the holiday season starts when the Hallmark channel comes out with all their new movies for the season! So, grab some hot apple cider, a warm blanket and get set for October 28th …
Proof Montanans Know Their Meat
While searching, I found several sites that listed "favorite holiday meals by state" and for Montana, they all listed the same main entree for Christmas: Prime Rib.
How Was Your St Paddy’s Day? [Poll]
There are different levels of party. Some of us go hard and the next day is a little rough. Some of us call getting in bed by 9pm a party. St Patrick's Day was yesterday (really last night, let's be honest) and I want to know how it went. If any of these answers are you, click one...
If Billings Had A Groundhog What Would It Be Named?
Well, it's official. The main groundhog 'Punxsutawney Phil' DID indeed see his shadow.... That means six more weeks of winter weather. Not something everyone here in Billings, including myself, wants to hear. And can I just say that the concept of Groundhogs Day doesn't make sens…
Drunken Crash in Downtown Billings Wednesday
This crash literally happened right outside my building. This means that me or one of my coworkers could have been driving on that road when he was. NOT COOL. At 29-years-old I would think that people know that driving drunk is not okay...
The Starbucks Holiday Cup Has Hit Billings
HOLY GRAIL... The holiday cup has hit Starbucks in Billings and that means it is officially, in my book, the holiday season. Yes, I'm a crazy person. Don't care.
This 70 degree weather here in Billings is making it a little hard to get into the holiday spirit but I'm embracing because …

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