Festival Of Trees Is Coming
The Family Tree Center, Billings Exchange Clubs’ Child Abuse Prevention Center will host its 31st Anniversary Festival of Trees event Thursday, December 1st through Saturday, December 3rd at MetraPark Expo Center.
There will be a Winter Wonderland with 30 beautifully decorated trees a…
Montana Among Top Places To Live had people from each state vote on how they thought where they lived compared to others. If you loved your home state then you voted for it. Well, Montanans voted and 77% of people said that they loved Montana and think it is the best place to live...
Montana Makes “Worst States For Women In America” Top Ten List
The group 24/7 Wall Street just did a study about the worst states in America for women, and Montana is number 8 on the list.  That was surprising for me, but... I'm not a woman. In fact, many women in my life have frequently pointed out to me that I have no idea what I'm talking abou…
The Weirdest Town Name In Montana
Every state has that town that is named so hilariously that you wonder who the heck came up with that name.  Washington has Big Bottom, Alaska has Chicken and Texas has Ding Dong but Montana's is a little more puzzling.... Big Sag. That's right, there is a Big Sag, Montana...
A M-O-N-T-A-N-A Acrostic
I have always enjoyed poetry and an acrostic is a fun form of poetry/writing I learned when I was a child and always liked to do for fun. Here is a Montana acrostic poem. Where you use a word and write poetry with each letter in the front.
What is Montana’s Coolest Animal ?
This of course is speculation, opinion. If I had to choose one animal from Montana that I thought was the coolest, this is what it would be. I recently have been around someone knowledgeable about these animals and they are fascinating and one of the hardest to hunt for.
Montana Summer Getaway to Judith Mountains
Well this weekend was full of fun! Summer time in Montana is the best. While in the great city of Lewistown I found out that there is a cute little lodge not far out of town that has some great views and a fun atmosphere.
3 Awesome Montana Swimming Holes
If you're a fan of the water, then you'll love these swimming holes in Montana that are sure to put a chill up your spine. The hot weather is on so feel free to take a dip in one of these spots to cool off on that hot summer day.
3 Questions Asked Of Montanans
Being a resident of Montana comes with it's fair share of questions from outsiders. Some of them are just insane like them wanting to know if we have cell phone and internet service here. Duh! Of course we do.
I have compiled my top 3 questions asked of Montanans that are legitimate...
10 Montana Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know
Every state has random facts about it that literally no one knows because it's so random. Montana however has some information that I bet you will love to know! Over at you can find the full list on Montana facts and info about the 49 other states...

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