Have you thought about “prepping”?
Maybe you've seen the shows on TV or have heard a little bit about "prepping". I recently got randomly sucked down the internet hole of "prepping" when I stumbled on this website: If you check it out, be warned that some of it c…
Another Montana Must-Do
We are pretty fortunate people to be able to live in the great state of Montana. There are a lot of things to see and do. There are some pretty amazing natural features that this state has as well.
The MATE Show Is Here!
Here we go! Another year of The Mate Show has officially begun and we could not be more excited about it. If you have never been, then you need to check it out!
Montana Gets ‘Real ID’ Extension
Luckily, I have a passport but not everyone is so lucky. Those licenses are spendy!! Might as well just get a passport and call it good.... But I understand they're very necessary for making sure our country stays safe.  Happy for this extension because it would take quite the effort to ge…
Don’t Forget About Montana
I'll be honest... The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is terrible. People have died, homes and businesses have been lost, a whole entire area of Texas just completely under water and I am at loss for words, really. It seems that the entire nation is focused its relief efforts and money on Texas an…
Air Quality Improving, But Unhealthy
So so sad that our state is under this. I know my allergies are off the charts. I've sounded like a crazy person on air lately. And I know I've said this so many times in the last few weeks but continue to keep the impacted communities and our firefighters in your thoughts and prayers…
Lolo Peak Fired Slowed
Continuing thoughts and prayers for our firefighters out there trying to get this thing contained.
The raging Lolo Peak fire slowed on Saturday, but still grew to nearly 32,000 acres burned. On Saturday, officials lifted the mandatory evacuation order for residents of Sleeman Creek Road west of Lolo.…

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