A M-O-N-T-A-N-A Acrostic
I have always enjoyed poetry and an acrostic is a fun form of poetry/writing I learned when I was a child and always liked to do for fun. Here is a Montana acrostic poem. Where you use a word and write poetry with each letter in the front.
What is Montana’s Coolest Animal ?
This of course is speculation, opinion. If I had to choose one animal from Montana that I thought was the coolest, this is what it would be. I recently have been around someone knowledgeable about these animals and they are fascinating and one of the hardest to hunt for.
Montana Summer Getaway to Judith Mountains
Well this weekend was full of fun! Summer time in Montana is the best. While in the great city of Lewistown I found out that there is a cute little lodge not far out of town that has some great views and a fun atmosphere.
3 Awesome Montana Swimming Holes
If you're a fan of the water, then you'll love these swimming holes in Montana that are sure to put a chill up your spine. The hot weather is on so feel free to take a dip in one of these spots to cool off on that hot summer day.
3 Questions Asked Of Montanans
Being a resident of Montana comes with it's fair share of questions from outsiders. Some of them are just insane like them wanting to know if we have cell phone and internet service here. Duh! Of course we do.
I have compiled my top 3 questions asked of Montanans that are legitimate...
10 Montana Facts I Bet You Didn’t Know
Every state has random facts about it that literally no one knows because it's so random. Montana however has some information that I bet you will love to know! Over at you can find the full list on Montana facts and info about the 49 other states...
Montana One Of The Most Patriotic States
I ran across this today and thought it was pretty cool.  Montana is one of the Top 10 most patriotic states in the nation.  Other states making the Top 10 Virginia, how could it not, Alaska, South Carolina, Colorado, Hawaii made the list too, according to wallethub...
Please Don’t Do This! [Opinion]
My wife went to the store mid day yesterday and as she was getting the kids out of the car, she noticed something...
In the car next to her there was a child in the vehicle that must have been between 2 and 3 years old. He was asleep and the car was running with the air conditioning apparently on...
Do Montanans Really Decorate Rustic?
As my husband and I begin the process of building our new house, of course I am consumed with interior design and colors, etc. I have noticed a lot while traveling here that there is this country/rustic/southwest look. You've seen it. The reds and browns with long horn sculls and cowboy ro…
5 Reasons Montana Is Underrated
Montana has a lot to offer and most of the time we don't get the credit we deserve. Take one step into the Treasure State and you'll understand why it is so amazing.

Montana is for badasses

Even Google says so!

We are deep in history

From dinosaur bones being unearthed to the Pi…

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