Relax On Your New Patio Set
It's all about the winning around here and we have another good one tailored just for you.
Some of the best talks I have ever had have been on the patio cooking up some bbq and having a beer with family and friends. There's something about a hot summer day and being with the ones close to y…
Billings’ Target Stance On Bathrooms
I am sure you have seen the uproar nationally about transgender people now being allowed to pick and choose which bathroom they would like to use.
Many people are very frustrated with this issue while others support it.
Recently Target corporate headquarters took an official stance for their nationwid…
This One May Be Too Much For Me
I am not one for heights. Getting up on a step ladder is enough to shake the knees.
I've seen some pretty amazing bridges in my day, but a walking bridge that seems a little weak across a river is something I may say no too.
There is just one of those bridges right here in Montana...
5 Risks When Living In Montana
There are a lot of pluses about living in the Treasure State. Beautiful scenery, lots of room to stretch your legs and some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
The question is what's the down sound of living here?
Whether you like it or not, there are risks when living in Montana...
What Would You Do With This?
Alright guys and gals. The VIP Club is loaded to the max right now with some really nice prizes that you can win.
One of the many great things you can win is a $300 Visa Gift Card.
I don't know about you, but $300 could go a long way for me right now...
Breakfast For Dinner In Billings [Opinion]
I say just do what you feel. I have lived in places and know people who would say you were the devil if you had breakfast for dinner. Seriously?
Food is food. If you are hungry then you are hungry. Should people really make a big deal about it...
Good Garden Advise in Billings [Video]
I took the opportunity to chat with some of the professionals at Gainan's Heights Flowers and Garden over the weekend. I wanted to know what they thought was the best advise to get a great garden this year and wielding off those pesky mosquitoes...
One Year To Live In Montana
It has been a world of downers since the new year began. Loosing many of our favorite celebs to even loved ones close to us. I honestly not looking forward to hearing the news that we've lost another one. Really depresses a person to hear of so much loss...
Billings’ Athlete Of The Week Winner! [Audio]
It's finally here! Our first Athlete Of The Week!
I would like to send a big congratulations to Brittney Burleson for a job well done in the toughest sport on wheels. Roller Derby. These ladies are as tough as nails and it shows in every bout...

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