What Is The Proper Etiquette For A Birthday Dinner?
My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and one of my favorite things to do is have a birthday dinner. I love getting all of my friends together in one place and sharing a meal. However, I've just got one question...
Who pays?
Whenever I've been invited out to dinner for a friends birthday (to a resta…
Share The Love – Local Kitchen & Bar
Anything that someone in the community is doing to help out fellow Montanans I am going to share! I love Local Kitchen & Bar and I love them even more for this 'Share The Love' movement they've started. Here are the details for the month of Augusts' and the first one is T…
New Restaurant To Open in Downtown Billings
Downtown Billings offers some of the best food and dining options. There are just enough places that you don't get bored with any certain one. However, adding an additional option is openly welcomed!
Coming soon: Seva Kitchen.
There is not an exact date yet for the opening (that I can find) but t…
4B’s In Billings. How Did I Miss This?
Earlier this week, Kaitlyn and I were disagreeing about where the old 4B's restaurant was. I remembered it as being 24th and Grand, but she swore it was closer to downtown.  As I'm sure many of you know, we were both right since there was in fact more than one back in the day...
Finally Made It To ‘Edgar Bar’ and OMG
I know I said I was planning on going there a few weeks ago with family but sometimes plans fall through and that they did. But the hubby and I made the journey out to Edgar this last Friday and let me tell ya, it BLEW MY MIND!
I met Tyler (bartender extraordinaire) and Scott (chef and food God) - bo…
A Bite of Billings: Where Should I Go Next?
The weather is getting nice again and that means that menu's around town are changing and that means that I'm getting geared back up for the video blog series: A Bite of Billings!
Here's the list of places I've been so far:
Burger Dive
Ciao Mambo
Bin 119
Those are literally some of THE be…
Who Has The Best Pizza In Billings? {Vote}
If you are anything like me, you will eat pizza at any given time. I crave pizza just about constantly and it is always a good time to eat it - morning, mid mornings, lunch time, bunch time, afternoons, late afternoons, dinner time, after dinner snack or even at midnight...

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