Snow Plowing For All City Roads A Go
Can I get an AMEN?! After hearing half this town complain about the lack of snow plow this last Winter... I better not hear anyone complaining about $8!!
KBUL Newsroom - A Billings City Council decision Monday will cost taxpayers $8 this year to fund snow plowing for all city roads including resident…
Melted Snow Is Cool Until You Fall In It
The above is an actual impression of what I looked like.....Just kidding LOL!
It was 50 degrees yesterday in Billings and the low was 40 degrees. Can I get a 'Hallelujah?'
The snow has melted in a lot of places. Most of the city streets are clear and driving has returned to being easy...
Billings Total Snowfall Reaches 46 Inches
I was honestly getting used to the 50 degree weather that we had on Tuesday. I mean I didn't even wear a jacket when I went to Costco on Sunday, either.... Crazy!
As someone who is not native to Montana, snow is a new thing for me. I love it but I just don't love driving in it...
The Perfect Tool For Lazy Montanans
Now that I think about it, I know plenty of people who aren't "lazy", they just don't enjoy shoveling snow. Whatever the case, as far as "modern conveniences" go, this is something that seems pretty practical to me. It not only blows the snow, but also r…
Alternative Ways To Get Snow Off Your Car [Watch]
Hate having to go outside and remove the pounds of snow off your car? Me too! But in all honesty... I think we're doing it all wrong. Take it from the brilliant people below!
ICE SHIELD (I think I saw these at Costco)
First Snow Of The Season
Over the weekend the Montana Department of Transportation had to close the Beartooth Pass where it crosses the Montana/Wyoming boarder because of snow and ice. The Wyoming side of the pass was completely closed to traffic due to the weather...

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