Valentine's Day

The Cutest First Valentine’s Date I’ve Ever Seen
Let me just start with chivalry is not and I repeat is NOT dead!
I have a friend in Oregon who has a 7-year-old daughter.  Her name is Abby. And Abby went out on her first date yesterday for Valentine's Day and I would like to report that it is basically the cutest thing I have ever seen and the boy …
Getting Engaged In 2017 Be Like….. [Watch]
As tempting as it might be to act like this PLEASE don't! Obviously this video is an exaggeration but I wouldn't put it past some ladies, seriously!! Be in the moment! And since it is Valentine's Day you could be getting proposed to! Dress up, look good, there will be photos...
What Do Women Get Men For Valentine’s Day? [Poll]
Well, here we are. Less than a month away from Valentine's Day. Oh, boy... What do I get this year?
That is literally what happens to me every year. I feel like this holiday is so geared towards man loving their woman and so somehow us girls are suppose to figure out something besides chocolate …

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