Well, Oxford Dictionary made "Selfie" an actual word in the dictionary. Hooray! About time, right?  So, I am celebrating with taking tons of random "Selfie's" here at the station, with my PopCrush 97.1 crew!

In no particular order, here we go! Feel free to comment below!

  • 1

    Fellow DJ, Livin Large Larry and I with our "Model" faces

    Don't you just love the "Model" face? It's like "Blue Steel".
  • 2

    "Duck Lips" in the Sales Dept. with Kim!

    It's either "Duck Lips" or "Kissy Face", you decide.
  • 3

    The "Front desk" selfie with Denise!

    She is NOT impressed with my "Selfie-ness". But a great sport anyway!
  • 4

    The "Oh-No" selfie with Bethany!

    This is what happens when you hit the button too early on your phone
  • 5

    Back in the Sales Dept. with Sandy!

    Probably one of the happiest looking selfies yet.
  • 6

    Finally, Me taking a "Breakroom" selfie!

    It's hard work taking all of these selfies!