So I suck.  I completely forgot to put up my Hump Day Track of the Week yesterday.  No, I am not a blonde(no there's nothing wrong with blondes), I just got busy and totally spaced it.  So I figured, it was better late than never.

This weeks Hump Day Track is Britney Spear's just released song "Work Bitch".  Because we all know, that if you want to have nice things or go nice places, you need money and you get that by working...bitch(no offense intended.

Wikipedia has this to say:

 A reviewer for PopJustice called the track "amazing", and suggested that the lyrical content "has the right attitude for a Blackout 2.0 sort of album".[19] Michael Cragg from The Guardian felt that "Work Bitch" is a "pretty relentless onslaught that reflects pop's current love for chucking in everything up to and including the kitchen sink", but felt that Spears' personality "[made] sure she hasn't been fully obliterated by's production sledgehammer".

Here it is for your listening pleasure!

So there you have it.  Even Wikipedia likes it.  I have to admit.  I kind of love it myself.  What do you think of it?