Uh Oh.  Guess what day it is?  Come on Guess! Can you guess?  It's "Hump Day"! Which means, it's time for my "Hump Day" track of the week!

This week's pick?  The first single release from Eminem's new upcoming album "The Marshall Mather's LP 2".  I love it! It's been awhile since we've heard anything new from Eminem and if the rest of the album is as good as this one, then we definitely have something to look forward to when it's released!

The song, released on August 27, 2013 via Twitter, is the first single from Eminem's upcoming eighth studio album The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The song samplesBilly Squier's "The Stroke", as well as the Beastie Boys' "The New Style" and "Fight for Your Right",[1][2] both songs taken from their 1986 debut album Licensed to Ill, which Rubin had also produced.[2] The song was heavily downloaded in its first week of release, resulting in the song debuting at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

Enjoy my "Hump Day" track of the week (Warning lyrics are explicit):