Thanks to the joys of Democracy I get to decide some stuff in Billings! This the second election I have been allowed to participate in since moved here. The first one was last year's Presidential election. This year's HUGE topic of discussion is of course the School Bond Election. And I'm sure it's going to rustle a few jimmies to know that people who aren't property owners are being allowed to vote on the bond issue. 

If you're wondering how I will vote on the issue, I will vote to approve it. And I'd vote to approve it even if I was a property owner here in this great city of Billings. Being in the media, I've had a more than my share of arguments from both sides of the issue.

Based on everything I have been shown about the issue, I feel that it's a necessary expense. And I am very hopeful that it passes, because the school system is in dire need of these funds. A message that the district could have done a better job of conveying in their outreach to the community.

I've heard far more misinformation and fear mongering than cold hard facts. Everything from 'blank check' to 'strong arming from the teacher's union', and gross overestimates of the cost to property owners. That's a problem when you're hearing more misinformation on the streets than you are actual information.

So when you get ready to cast your own vote, I hope you take a deep and informative look at the facts and not the fear mongering crap getting spewed out by conservative morning show hosts.