Most people tend to think their hometown is better than other parts of the state. Unless, of course, you grew up in Butte, in which case you move away on your 18th birthday and tell people you’re from Helena.

But what is the best place to live in Montana? According to the website, which calculates ‘liveability’ scores based on a variety of factors including cost of living, crime, quality of schools, the local job market, weather and housing, the best town to live in Montana is…Billings?

Well, sort of. The Magic City finishes in a three way tie for first place with Dillon and Red Lodge, scoring a 78 on the liveability scale. The site gives Billings an A+ rating for amenities, along with an A rating for cost of living, B+ for education and a B for housing.

16 towns were tied for 4th place. Ennis, Happys Inn, Gallatin River Ranch, Livingston, Great Falls, Laurel, Miles City, Somers, Bigfork, Four Corners, Bozeman, Helena, Frenchtown, Shelby, Jette and South Hills all finished with a liveability score of 77.

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