I'm not even kidding.  It is amazing.  I was getting my nails done the other day with my all time favorite nail tech Han Boon.  I've gone to her for over six years and I'd like to think that we've become friends over time.

She has the best live advice, and is a very wise woman.  For such a tiny package, she has one of the best out looks on life and is full of the same.   I never leave her place sad. The time she gave me her version of a type chicken soup/broth, was another such fun time.

Tara Nicole, TSM

To keep it somewhat short, here's her suggestions for a healthful, gentle on the stomach, soup.

Cook 1 whole chicken in soup pot(change water after 3 minutes) with 40 garlic cloves(you know like the little ones inside the big ones?) for about 2 1/2 hours.   She said you could stuff the chicken with rice(not instant though, I found this out later) and let it cook that way.

Tara Nicole, TSM

Sounds like it would taste super strong of garlic right?  Wrong! You don't crush or mash or dice them.  Just let them cook.  It adds the best, light flavor ever and garlic is good for you!

Now I like a bit more to my soup than just this.  So at hour 1.5, I added a small bag of pre-cut baby carrots and a few stalks of celery.  Plus a bit of salt and pepper .  It was amazing!  You've got to debone your chicken towards the end,, and that's hot stuff, but it's totally worth it! Thanks Han!!!!

What's your favorite soup recipe?  Will you share it with me?