I just got the "Best" Denver Broncos jersey ever! Woohoo! Don't be jells, I really did. A friend of mine told me about them the other day and I immediately fell in love.  To top it off, its a Peyton Manning jersey to boot!

Isn't it cool?  I originally ordered one just for myself.  After I saw it though, I knew that my husband would love it and love one.  He's a "Huge" Denver Broncos fan.  Way bigger than I am, and I love, love, Peyton Manning!

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Clampitt

Super sweet, right? Well, I love it!  I've loved Manning for years.  I still even like the Colts.  Andrew Luck is tearing things up in a good way.  I hope he keeps doing well.  But my first football quarterback love is Peyton all the way!