Most people try to support local charities as much as they possibly can.  Then there's some folks who really go the extra mile.  This weekend, 47 incredibly brave (and possibly deranged) souls took a dip in the frigid waters of Lake Elmo during the annual Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge.  Talk about being dedicated to a cause.

It's takes serious devotion just to go outdoors when the thermometer reads 18 below, let alone diving into the water.  There isn't a wet suit warm enough to make that plunge tolerable.  I literally got chills just watching it on television.

Which makes you wonder, was the water actually warmer than the cold air?  It may have felt that way to the divers.  While it probably took many blankets to warm them up, their hearts will be warm knowing that their courage (and insanity) helped raise $18,000 for our local Special Olympics chapter.