Beer lovers, rejoice.  A website called PopChartLab has just created a map featuring America's best breweries.  The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America, depicts nearly 3,000 breweries across all 50 states, including many from right here in Montana.

According to their map, Billings is the Microbrew capital of Montana, with 7 of the 36 Brewpubs in the state.  Among the local business on the Bountiful Breweries map are:  Angry Hanks, Montana Brewing Company, Carter's, Yellowstone Valley, Himmelberger, Fat Jack's and Canyon Creek.  The nearby Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company was also featured.

PopChartLab claims their latest project is the most comprehensive nationwide survey in the history of craft beer brewing.  While that may be true, the popular downtown Billings Brew Pub Uberbrew was conspicuously absent from their map.

The Bountiful Breweries Map isn't the first time that the pop culture website has payed homage to the "nectar of the gods". Their Brewery map is a follow up to a recent collector's print titled The Magnificent Multitude of Beer.