Photo Courtesy of Montana Rail Link

Here's a look at some of the biggest stories trending in Montana.

  • Missoula's 22nd annual Bike Walk Bus Week has been moved from its traditional time in April to September 8-14 for better weather and the ability for students to take a more active role in the activities.  Read more
  • Westboro Baptist Church has gained nationwide notoriety through their controversial protests of same-sex-marriage and picketing at funerals of veterans. The group plans on protesting in Bozeman later this month.   Read more
  • It’s time for the Samuel Adams Octoberfest Classic. This is your chance to form a team of four of five of our closest friends, download the entry form from our web site and golf at some of the best mini golf holes Billings’ bars have to offer! For cash prizes no less. Read more
  • Public Information Officer for Montana Rail Link Linda Frost said on Friday, September 6, that the tracks closed by Wednesday morning's derailment were reopened late Friday morning.  Read more
  • We all love the trees in our beautiful Bozeman neighborhoods. They provide shade, branches for tire swings, and colorful leaves. While trees are well loved in this town, we want you to be aware trees that are not properly planted or maintained can pose serious safety hazards. Here are a few tips to ensure your trees are enjoyed for generations to come. Read more
  • Whitefish, Montana has made many significant improvements over the past few years, enough to earn its place in the Top 25 Ski Resorts in the World.When I lived in Kalispell back in 2005, there were rumblings that investors were hoping to make Whitefish the "Disneyland of Ski Resorts Read more
  • The Whitefish Police Department is cautioning Whitefish Bar goers to protect themselves. “There have been unsubstantiated instances where people, both men and women, feel they may have been drugged. However, there have been no solid leads provided to law enforcement to substantiate the claims.” –Whitefish Police Department Press Release OK ladies… If you get that ‘off’ feeling… you know…your common sense telling you something is wrong…or that guy is ‘creepy weird’, find your friends and stick together. I like to think of it as the buddy system…even if you’re just going to the bathroom. Here are a few tips for staying safe: Read more
  • Beats Antique is about to embark on their "A Thousand Faces Tour" with a stop in Bozeman at HUSHUSH on October 5th. Here is your invite to be a huge part of this epic tour. Submit your a own creative faceand it could be used on stage during performances!  Read more
  • Back in October, a Worden, Montana football player by the name of Koni Dole broke his right leg. Unfortunatly doctors had no choice but to AMPUTATE a portion of his leg due to a terrible infection. Read more

  • Missoula is famous for its arts community, and that reputation will be further enhanced with the addition of a new project titled "Before I Die, I Want To... " It is a Missoula vision board at the Central Park structure on Main Street.  Read more
  • Outcry from the public has convinced Montana District Judge G. Todd Baugh to order a new sentencing hearing for the former Billings teacher who was previously sentenced to a mere 30 days in prison for raping a student. But does he have the authority to do so?  Read more
  • The Minor Paradise Complex Incident consists of four fires, Emigrant, North Eightmile, Horsetail and Sheep Creek, South of Bozeman. The cause of the fire is reported to be lightning and is currently over 11,800 acres in size at 55% containment. More info on closures and fire containment inside.  Read more