One of my all time, personal favorite comedians is Jim Breuer.  I first saw him in the movie 'Half Baked'.  I've followed him ever since!

Here's one of my favorite scenes from 'Half Baked'.  The scene that made me fall in comedic love with Jim Breuer in the very first place.  (Warning! Explicit Content)

Back in my younger days(even though I'm not that old now) I used to laugh my head off at that part of the movie.  Ahhh, the memories.  His comedy grew and expanded and so did my appreciation of him as well.

I love his 'Goat Boy' skit, but I couldn't find a good clip of it on you tube. So, check out different one of his hilarious clips! I love a party in the stomach!

I just found this clip today but I laughed so hard I cried.  Literally.  If you are a parent, you are in for a treat.

Well have I turned you into a Jim Breuer fan yet?  I hope so!  He's awesome!  Who's your favorite comedian of all time? Comment and share your favorite clips with me!