He has a record amount of appearance's on Saturday Night Live and is one of the funniest guys in history.  Who you may ask?  The one and only Steve Martin!

Did you ever see him on SNL? He's hilarious! He didn't just do that though.  He had stand up comedy, movies and more! Check out this first clip!

If you thought that was funny, check out another one of my favorites! Steve Martin thinks he's Michael Jackson!  See if he can "Beat It" just like him!

Did you know he had his own band too?  Heck ya he does! Check out "Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers" here!

Well, what do you think?  Don't you just love Steve Martin?  Some of my favorite movie's of all time have him in them.

Who's your favorite guy or gal from the past?  A comedian? Actor/Actress?  Why do you love them?  Share with me below!