Isn't it ironic...that I'd pick Alanis Morrisette for our first tune for our Throwback Thursday? Ha! I love a little play at words.  But not as much as I loved Alanis's song "Ironic" back in highschool.  Wowzers.  It wasn't even that(too) long ago.

Alanis is sooo weird.  She's like this mix of weird grundge, punk and smart chic that always had me confused, but I loved her anyways. Maybe because of it. Huh, there's some food for thought for you.  Anyway, here it is.  Check it out!

Going to like this one? No Doubt. Ha!  It really is, No Doubt, that is.  I love their song "Don't Speak".  It always reminded me of this friend I used to have in (once again) highschool, who betrayed me badly,in my mind.  I'm still friends with her(it took years), but our relationship has forever been damaged.  Eh, crap happens to the best of us.

This one from Natalie Imbruglia came out right after I was out of highschool, I think.  It's nice.  Not my favorite, but I'm sure it was someones out there.  I just wasn't a huge fan.

Like this week’s Throwback Thursday Mixup picks?  I had fun picking these out and thinking back to a few highschool days. I hope you did as well.  As always, please feel free to comment below and give suggestions for next week!