Oh yeah.  Taking it back old school style for my girls this week!  I hope you love a little Salt N Peppa, TLC and some old school Mariah!

I love me some of this older music.  Even still to this day. Hopefully you will too if you don't already.  Here are some of my favorite old school songs for this week Throwback Thursday's Mixup.

1. "Old School" Mariah Carey-I mention the "Old School" part, because I really don't care for some of her newer stuff.

2. Salt N Pepa- Who doesn't love to sing and "Shoop"? I know I do! Shoop Baby!

3. TLC's "Waterfalls"-Just heard this the other day when I was watching the movie "We are the Miller's".  I laughed my ass off when the young kid rocked the solo part in this song.  Gosh, I love Kenny!! Can you do it as good as he did? Doubt it!

Well what do you think of this weeks Throwback Thursday Mixup picks?  I had fun picking these out and listening to them. I hope you did as well.  As always, feel free to comment below and give suggestions for next week!