Thanks for playing along with our "Bewitched in Billings" contest.  Yesterday's haunted hot spot is one of the most infamous places in town, The Rex Restaurant on Montana Avenue downtown.

These days, the Rex is a historic restaurant and hotel.  However, it has a sorted past.  Over the years, the Rex has been a brothel, a gambling parlor, a prohibition era speak-easy and an opium den.  It has seen more than it's fair share of surly characters, some of whom reportedly still "visit" the building.   It is reportedly haunted by 3 ghosts – a bartender who was gunned down by mobsters in the 1920's, a former lady of the evening and a grumpy gambler who roams around the basement.

Today's "Bewitched in Billings" location is another notorious hotbed for paranormal activity.   This place originally served as an old Victorian coach house.  Several witnesses have reported seeing the image of an old man, believed to be the home's original owner Ernest Murray.  It is said that the old man's ghost lives in a closet upstairs that has since been named "Murray's closet".

Here's another hint:  If you go to this restaurant, you might get more than what’s on the menu.  If you've got a guess, we've got passes for the Corn Maze at Sartorie Farms.  Here's the link to submit your answer.