I don't know about you but sometimes I am broke.  I mean like, ramen noodles, mac and cheese(the .99cent kind), flat ass broke.  Yet, I don't want to cook at home, so I go out looking for the cheapest places to get a meal here in town.  I've compiled a list for you just in case you find your self flat ass broke as well.

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    Well this one is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. Duh! They have a 99 cent menu! You can get a complete meal for like $4!

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    Unfortunately I had to add this one too. I don’t like Wendys personally, but when I’m broke and want a teeny tiny change up in my cheap meal, they’ll do. They also have a dollar menu!

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    If you like chicken and turnovers, the 99 cent menu is for you! But they also have the Chicken Popper Snack box thingy and the Chicken Sandwiches, which are okay. All under $2, which is most important, right?

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    Taco Johns

    Okay, you could go to Taco Bell too(they stay open late!), but I like Taco Johns better. When I’ve got to feed more than just me, it's the 6 pack and a pound baby! Mmm Potatoe Oles!

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    Well, they do have $5 Footlongs. I’m not a big cold sandwich person. But when the hunger hits you in a big way, I’ll take the foot long sub any day! Plus, you can add all those extra toppings, wait for it...for free! Woot!

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