Mattress King owners Jay and Mary Hoffmann see the fun side of business on a daily basis. They enjoy every aspect of working in their Billings and Bozeman stores. It’s more than a hands-on operation to this energetic couple, it’s all about family.Team members play an integral part in every Mattress King day. Jay and Mary wouldn’t have it any other way. Confidence in their people allows them to enjoy some time away once in a while exploring new places and spending time with their precious granddaughter.

  • Motto: “The Doctors of Sleep!”
  • Founded: 1988
  • Led by: Jay and Mary Hoffman
  • Why They’re Unique:  Hearing Jay and Mary tell it, “Mattress King is family.” It’s been this way for over 25 years. The family-style environment keeps team members returning to this special workplace year after year. Captain of the team Steve Wiley started his career with Jay and Mary at the young age of 18 and he’s been with the dynamic duo for over 18 years. Tashina Recanati insists she’ll be here “forever.” This young mother of two sees her 12 years with Mattress King as her best years ever!
  •  They Can Answer Questions Relating to: How often should I replace my mattress? How often should I flip my mattress? What kind of mattress should I buy for insomnia?

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Visit them: 17th & Grand Ave. or 24th & King Ave. Billings MT 59102 (Map)

Call them: 406-256-5464 or 406-248-7223

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