Have you ever wondered about where we are actually broadcasting from?  What it looks like?  The equipment we use? Well, you are in luck my friend!  Welcome to the PopCrush 97.1 studios!

Here is the board that we use everyday.  We record our shows in here, do production(make commercials and such), record weather and other reports and pretty much chill.  It's my favorite studio!

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole

So here is the view.  Part of why I love this studio.  On clear days you can see forever.  The mountains are amazing! Billings during the Fall season is also one of my favorites.  Does it get any better than this?

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole

No, not really.  Although, it does get quite warm during the hot summer days and a bit cold during the Winter.  Nothing shedding a few clothes or adding  few can't help!

Where do you work?  What's your favorite thing about your office, building, or view?  Sometimes it's the craziest things that make you happy.  Let me know!