From "Star Trek" to "Hunt For Red October", there have been many times when Montana was referenced in a movie. In your opinion, what is the best moment the State of Montana experienced on the silver screen?

Let's share a few from a recent Reddit discussion to get you started, then perhaps you can add more in the comments that we all may have forgotten.

Star Trek: First Contact -  The guy who built the warp engine lives on a missile base in Montana.

The Hunt for Red October When a defecting Russian was dying and said, "I... would liked to have seen Montana...."

A River Runs Through It - Brad Pitt fly fishing. That pretty much says it all.

Twin Peaks - An important character is from Missoula and there are tons of references to Montana landmarks throughout.

What Dreams May Come - Robin Williams bumps into his soul mate while relaxing on a boat in Glacier Park. Epic.

Shooter - The corrupt senator is from Montana

Chill Factor -  a crappy movie starting Cuba Gooding Jr. referenced Missoula.

Knockaround Guys - This Vin Diesel film name dropped Billings and Wibaux.


Sidenote: Many, MANY movies have been filmed in Montana. Most of which do not reference this Big Sky Statebut have used it for it's amazing scenery. A full list of movies filmed in Montana is here.