Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Awww, when  I saw that Leroy Van Dyke and Williams and Ree cancelled today I was super sad.  I was hoping to attend myself.  "Why on earth?"  some of you may ask.  Because it brings back good childhood memories.  You see, my dad used to go to college with the Williams and Ree duo. Say What????

Yes, he truly and honestly did.  They weren't big pals and hung out all of the time.  But they knew each other and my dad always had great stories to tell about them.  At least it seemed so when I was a little girl. Which impressed me quite a bit, I must say.

Williams and Ree(AKA: The Indian and The White Guy)were a big deal(mostly) where I grew up and my Dad(with my Mom of course too) used to take me to see them it seemed every chance we could get.  Which probably totals up to three or four times.  But each time we went, I had a blast with my parents.

One time my Dad even got to take us back stage and introduce my Mom and I to them.  I was super shy back then(I know, hard to believe) and could hardly say a word.  I mainly hid behind my Father and let him do the talking.  Ahhhh, the good ole memories.

In case you don't know who or what they do.  Their a singing comedy duo of sorts. Here's one of my favorite songs that they do called "Running Bear":

Anyways, that's why I was so excited to see them come to Billings.  It's like a little piece of home came to visit me.  And...now they're not. So, I am bummed. Well, maybe things will change again and I'll get a chance to take my own kids to see them.  One can only hope. Sad face here.