As we enter Day 3 of the federal government shutdown, perhaps you’ve wondered if this latest standoff will prevent you from drinking beer this weekend.

For federal employees and government contractors, the prospect of short term unemployment might force you to drink a cheaper beer than you normally would.  It may also inspire you to drink more.  On the bright side, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sleep off that dreaded Monday morning hangover.

For the rest of us, the possible impact on Wall Street might also encourage you to think twice before running up a large bar tab.  If you’re concerned about your investment portfolio collapsing, this could be a good weekend to stock up on provisions and drink at home.  Thankfully, football was invented to entertain us when we can’t afford to leave the house.

Sadly, drinking beer at Yellowstone National Park will not be an available option this weekend.  However, consuming malt liquor from a brown paper bag on the steps of the Battin Federal Courthouse might be slightly less risky.  Be careful though, even though many non-essential federal employees have been furloughed, local and state law enforcement can still arrest you for urinating in public.

Should you injure yourself in an alcohol related accident, don’t worry.  The raging controversy over health care will not prevent you from receiving medical care in the event you consume copious amounts of Jagermeister and stumble head first into traffic on Montana Avenue.

Hard times call for hard drinking.  So relax, the federal government may collapse, but they can’t shut down your ability to get your drink on this weekend.  Cheers.

For those of you concerned with how the government shutdown could affect nachos, check out this hysterical article from