You really won't.  But it goes to show how people from different places, like and do much different things. I do have to admit to being somewhat surprised, but not too much.  I mean, they are my parents after all!

Nothing says loving like an AR-15.  Right?  Well, apparently my parents thinks so! They've been ranching for most of their lives and truly, a new gun to shoot or hunt with, is a pretty fantastic thing. Heck, even I bought my husband an AR-15 for Christmas, so I know what I'm talking about.

However, they did surprise me a bit with this purchase.  As you can see, my Mom got her's first(it's pretty sweet).  My Dad's has been ordered and is waiting for delivery.   I was more surprised with my Mom getting the pink camo one.

We joked about it together as a family, but I guess I didn't really think she would go and actually get one(way to go Dad!).  But apparently my Dad insisted.  Like a very wise man should. Especially if he want's one too! One he got as well!

What really sucks.  Is that I am the only one that doesn't have one. That is not fair.  I guess there's still a few days left until Valentine's Day, so there could still be a chance that I'll get one.  But knowing how I feel about Valentine's Day, could be the reason, I don't.  Hmpf! Whatev's.

Just so you know.  They're not the man killing machine's everyone seems to want to make them out to be.  I've been raised with guns my entire life and have an extreme respect for them.  I took Hunter's Education and my Dad was extremely strict growing up, in the way of handling them and in teaching me too.  I am the same way and I teach my children the same values.

If you can get past that, they are extremely fun to shoot. They're easy to handle and there's not much of a kick.  It makes for great target practice too.  Remember, it's all about respecting what you hold in your hand!

What's the most unique Valentines Day gift you or someone you know has received on the big day of love?  Share with us below!  Can you beat this?