Billings will be effected by St. Vincent Healthcare's decision to better the facility. Better the facility by cutting over 80 full-time positions including all 49 employees at Shirley's Place Child Care Center? In my opinion, hospitals are a cash cows and certainly should not be cutting jobs that make that place awesome to work at in the first place. I believe, just by looking at my last doctor bill, the hospital should have plenty of funds to initiate this new "make the hospital better, faster, cheaper project" without cutting jobs and creating hardship for their employees to find new jobs and child daycare.

Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Shirley's Place Child Care Center is providing daycare for over 100 employees of St. Vincent Hospital, which is closing due to the decision of the board. Now they have 90 days to find new daycare. Those effected will have to find childcare that they can trust. Obviously, having child daycare at your work is optimal, but it is a big deal to find child care outside of work. Most will want to find the best daycare for their child, but how long will you research all 86 childcare providers to find the best. We all know childcare is expensive, however, its the best care that we are looking for. The best childcare may have a waiting list to get in. Some may have vacancies, but there may be a reason for the vacancy.

Choosing between childcare at a residence versus a business facility is a hard decision also. I personally would not choose a home resident daycare as there are too many negative tangents that go along with being at someones personal home. We have seen too many negative stories in the past few years in Billings for me to choose home style daycare.

I found a list of the top 10 childcare providers in Billings which may help you research for the best one. With 86 childcare providers in Billings, we know you want the best one that fits your schedule, finances and trustability.