Motorists along I-90 between Park City and Billings saw something interesting traveling next to them on Friday morning (6/4), as crews delivered a huge steel lion that will be display at a local high school.

Created by artist Dylan Rabertis with Montana Ironworks, the sculpture is 12 feet tall, 15 feel long, and will be proudly displayed in front of the new Lockwood High School, home of the Lions.

Credit: Mark Todd

The 'Lockwood Lion' took Montana Ironworks approximately 6 months to build, has a skeleton made from rebar, and the outside made from 4x8 flat steel that was cut into different sizes and welded together.

The lion sculpture weighs 3500 pounds, and was delivered on a flatbed semi-trailer by Rock Solid Excavating from Park City to Lockwood High School, and installed by crews from Montana Ironworks.

Credit: Mark Todd

Before noon today (Friday), the impressive new sculpture was resting in its permanent home at Lockwood High School, where the artist Dylan Rabertis took a moment for a photo with his family.

Credit: Mark Todd

Here's video of the 12 foot tall lion traveling down I-90 on Friday, being delivered to its "lair" in front of L.H.S. (Videos courtesy of Mark Todd).

Lockwood High School opened its doors in the fall of 2020 to 9th and 10th grade classes, according to their website.

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