The 2016 Billboard Music Awards was an extreme disappointment for me. Where is our music going when you're nominated as a singer, but you perform as a dancer. Why do you even have a microphone? Quit lip syncing, you're totally off key because you've been running around like a chicken with your head cut off. You obviously can't dance and sing at the same time, it sounds like crap.

I watched most of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, but had to turn the channel when Madonna got on. Just didn't work for me. They could have had a rock band perform or something. The Awards just seemed too fruity to me. Maybe if I was more of a fan of teeny bopper music, it may be more entertaining for me. However, I am not changing any time soon.

I realize that the 2016 Billboard Music Awards is all based on numbers; however, seeing the same artists being nominated more than once, even up to 3 times in one category, got a little old for me. They could have taken the best song of that artist and gave the other two nominations to somebody else that probably deserves recognition too. Maybe next year we can see a change in singing performances for the first half of the show instead of dancing and lip syncing.