Below is the news story of a 27-year-old man from Billings who is being charged with child sexual abuse after sending photos to a 14-year-old girl. But first, my thoughts on perverts and Facebook!

14-year-old's should not have Facebook and nor do they need it. Facebook originally started when I was in college and you had to have an email with a collegiate URL to get one. The purpose of networking has obviously worn over the years and just turned into a digital journal/photo album, which I'm fine with.. Don't care. BUT it was for college students because by that age you should understand who not to talk to or be 'friends' with. You would know by that age if someone was sending you creepy content to report them or block them. But, when you're 14, you are prey to a lot of weird freaking people. At 14 you barely have a training bra and a clue let alone the maturity to navigate a social giant like Facebook!  Plus... It's hard for parents to monitor what kids are doing. Clearly these parents weren't in the know because the older sister had to step in!

Perverts are everywhere and come in all forms. Young, old, men, women, straight, gay, ugly and attractive. Creeps had a harder time being perverted (although it didn't stop them) when there wasn't the internet. Now, with Facebook, these people can become whoever they want to be and linger digitally. They can send photos and convince you to do things that would otherwise be harder in person. In the report, it doesn't say if they knew each other or not but Lord knows that doesn't stop a nasty person from being nasty! YUCK! Reading this story makes me want to wash my hands or something. So, gross!

Okay, enough of my opinions. Here is the news report:

KCTR Newsroom - A 27-year-old man is accused of sending sexually explicit photograghs to a 14-year-old girl.  Stephan Gregory Burress, was charged Monday in Yellowstone County Justice Court with sexual abuse of children. Justice of the Peace David Carter ordered Burress held in lieu of $100,000 bond and had him placed on GPS monitoring should he be released.

The Facebook page of a 14-year-old girl shows that Burress had started speaking with the girl on June 20. Burress had sent the girl multiple explicit pictures and requested she send photos to him.  After the underage girl started receiving the nude photos from Burress, the girl’s older sister reported the photos to police.  In the messages, Burress told the girl he wanted to take her virginity and told her no one could know if they had sex. Burress was already on felony probation at the time for an assault on his ex-girlfriend.