There are a lot of fun facts about Montana. 



  • 1.

    1. Montana is the largest landlocked state in the U.S

    We may be the 4th largest state overall, but we are the largest landlocked state.

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    2. Montana's first capital was Virginia City and then In 1875 the capital was moved to Helena.

    Virginia City is still a popular tourists destination and holds a lot of heritage.

  • 3

    Montana is home to the largest Grizzly Bear population in the lower 48 states

  • 4

    Montana is NOT Spanish for Mountain

    It is actually Spanish for "mountainous" which is what the area was described as being not "Mountain" which is the common thought.

  • 5

    There is a fence post on Hwy 59 with cowboy boots on it

    According to they wrote that  "On Highway 59, south of Miles City, Harry Landers has topped almost 1 mile of his fence posts with over 300 boots."