With it being an election year, I find it harder and harder to scroll though my new feed. No matter whether you have 10 friends or 1,000, chances are you will have political rants and MEMEs stuffed in your face. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but social media allows for everyone to have their very own "soapbox" to stand on 24/7. Men's Health recently did a study showing the most annoying friends to have on Facebook, and it surprisingly doesnt involve people who share pictures of their kids.

According to the study from Men's Health, the top five most annoying are:

1. The friend who always falls for fake news stories. It happens a lot right now because of the election. A lot of the political memes you see are filled with made-up facts.

2. The friend who constantly shills for the lame pyramid scheme they bought into. A lot of them tend to be health and fitness related.

3. The friend who changes their profile picture too much. Once or twice a month is fine, but five times a month is a little much.

4. The friend who uses GoFundMe to fund everything. Like for vacations and other stuff they should pay for themselves.

5. The friend who's intentionally vague about good news. They post something like, "Just got huge news, stay tuned." So you have no idea what they're talking about, but you feel obligated to like it anyway.

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