A movie, popcorn, soda and candy can run you $40 or more these days and that's just for two people. Imagine a family of four or six! Yikes! Unless you are one of those sneaky sneaks who can get all the goods in inside their massive purses!

The Carmike Shiloh 14 in the Shiloh Crossing has got the cure for that now. $5 movies. That's correct. Every Tuesday you can get into any standard featured movie at any time for only $5 per ticket! That includes new releases! Plus, drinks and popcorn are at a reduced rate as well.

  • Small drink or popcorn = $2 each
  • Medium drink or popcorn = $3 each
  • Large drink or popcorn = $4 each

Plus, candy is only $3.  So, if you and your family want to hit up the movies on Tuesday and get all the good stuff, you are looking at $15 to $17 instead. Doesn't that sound WAY better? Click here for more details and the newest movies playing here in Billings!