I am about to set off on a journey I may never return from. I have somehow agreed to take a car full of toddlers on a 10 hour road trip. Needless to say, I am slightly concerned, as my son has the attention span of a goldfish, and so do his cousins. Thankfully, I have some items that I found, that I think should make the drive a little more comfortable.

1) Portable DVD Player - YEAH! I know that DVDs are starting to become a thing of the past, but I found one for my car that sure helps on a daily basis during our commute. With enough movies to last the 20 hours roundtrip on the road, I should be able to score a couple minutes without screaming from the backseat.

2) Hand Held Video Games - I do have a tablet and an ol'skool Game Boy that I plan to bring, as I know the DVDs are not going to work for long. Just doing my best to keep everyone distracted from boredom.

3) A cookie sheet - Thankfully my kid isn't attached to his tablet or movies all the time. He also enjoys being creative, that is why I plan to bring a cookie sheet, which can be put on his lap and used as a surface for coloring and drawing.

4) Baby Wipes - 1 of the 3 "munckins" going with me is able to wipe his own butt. The other 2 may require frequent potty stops along the way. If you have not already discovered that baby wipes are worth their weight in gold, you are not doing it right. They are not only good for wiping butts, they also clean up that nasty ketchup mess on the back of your seat.

5) Forbidden Fruit - I always bring along something that my bot is normally not allowed to have. That way, if he completely loses his mind and his head start spinning....Booooom! Eat your Nestle Bar. (Granted this may not help you later down the road, but it will for a couple more miles. Sometimes that is all you need.)

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