This year was one of the better years of celebrating Easter with my family. It was our first in Billings and it was a ton of fun.

We had some friends come in to visit from out of state that we hadn't seen for a long time, which was really nice. With that, normal traditions were held and new traditions were made.

We made a last ditch effort to make an Easter Egg Hunt happen. We originally had planned on doing community Easter egg hunts but somehow managed to miss all of them. Sunday morning it was a sprint to the store to get the materials and make it all happen. Ended up being a lot of fun.

Then came the Silly String War. This is a tradition that our friend Jessica brought with her. I think it will be a tradition for my family for years to come. The only problem is trying to do battle when you are videoing at the same time. I got my butt kicked.

Then came the annual Thompson Easter Piñata. The kids went to town taking down this bunny full of goodies and they wasted no time on the clean up. If only I could get them to clean their rooms this fast.

It all ended with our Easter dinner, which was delicious. Thanks to my wife for that. As we ate, we sat and talked about how we are thankful for Christ and everything he did to sacrifice for us.

It turned out to be a really nice day for us.

How was your Easter Sunday?