Does the Montana lakes and mountains and scenery get anymore beautiful?!

West Rosebud and Emerald Lake and probably my favorite places in Montana. It's possibly the most gorgeous place I have been in the world. The mountains are so majestic and the water is perfect. The fishing is also pretty perfect, too!

I caught two medium sized fish yesterday and probably would have had a lot more luck except the wind showed up and it's pretty dang difficult to fly fish in windy weather! Here are my my two catch's:

Jenn/ TSM
Jenn/ TSM

My husband is quite the fisherman. He's really really good at fly fishing and has recently gotten into tying his own flies!  He decided Friday evening that I needed my own pair of waders so that we could both go out together and be able to be out in the water. He's showed me a few times how to fly fish and cast and everything but I haven't gotten into the hobby as much as him. But after this weekend and having all my new gear, I'm obsessed!

If you haven't tried it yet... Do it now! It's a great way to have fun outdoors!