We've been searching for the perfect addition to our family for about 4 or 5 months now and we have finally found him, in the shape of a 7 week old Rough Haired Collie, which we named Murray!

Country raised with 11 other siblings and parents, he came to us absolutely perfect and a bit naughty.  The name "Murray" just seemed to fit and fit well.  This pup has personality in abundance!

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Dahlvang

Here we are our doing our very first family "Selfie".  Aren't we just cute? Murray looks crazy though, I've got to admit.

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole

Of course we had to show him off to our friends too!  But he's a ham and loves pictures, so he handled it like a pro. But then.  Apparently he'd had a bit too much excitement.

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Dahlvang

Because he then fell promptly asleep.  Poor tired little Murray.  Awwww.  Well, here you are.  Our newest and wonderful member of our family.  Now totaling 5 humanoids and 3 canine species.  I feel like we are finally complete.