The millionth season of The Bachelorette starts this Monday and I have already done my research and have picked out my top guys. I kid, it's only the 12th season, but I have been religiously watching this show since it's dramatic beginnings and feel as though I have been watching forever. Don't judge me... You know you love to watch on Monday's with your favorite snacks and blanket!

Let me catch you up. JoJo Fletcher was in the race for Ben Higgins heart on the last season of The Bachelor but he ultimately went with Lauren B and left JoJo without a proposal in the season finale. But, she stole America's heart and ABC made her the new Bachelorette. Which is perfectly fine with me! I had her winning Ben's season but as it got closer to the end I was hoping she would get runner up so that I could watch her for a whole other season! My wish came true. I am 100% a fan girl of hers. She's adorable, has amazing hair and style, is from Texas and just seems like an all-american girl.

I'm sure you know how this works. Monday night she will stand looking GORGEOUS as 25 of the most beautiful men in America get out of limos and try to make the best lasting impression they can in 20 seconds. This season however, all of their bios and photos are up on The Bachelorette website now and you better know I went through all of them. Here are my choices, in order:

Chase- Winning
Chad- Runner-up

James Taylor- Top 3
Robby- Top 4
Will- Top 5
James- Top 6

I usually don't make my picks and put them on my bracket until after they get out of the limo and introduce themselves, so these might change. But I'm usually spot on and have chosen a lot of the winners and runners up correctly. Oh, my bracket, you ask. It's exactly like a Fantasy Draft bracket, but for this show. Yes, I take this very seriously! Here is the link to the one that I use so you can join in on the fun.

All in all, this seems like a really great group of guys and I have a feeling she will find love 'on the most dramatic season ever.'