Rather than formally submit to the 2016 presidential election results, Alicia Keys decided on last night's (November 15) episode of The Voice to wage "Holy War."

Keys, whose Here dropped last week, told a packed audience she'd originally planned to perform the LP's newest single, "Blended Family," and began with a single a cappella verse of the track. Suddenly, though, she stopped, and admitted she'd had a change of heart in light of recent political movements — what many inferred was Donald Trump's ascendance to presidency.

"That's my new song 'Blended Family' that I was supposed to sing tonight," she said. "But due to the current climate there's only one song I can sing and that's 'Holy War.'"

Then, with the help of fellow Voice judge Adam Levine on guitar, Keys delivered a powerful rendition of the politically charged anthem from her signature piano perch.

"Maybe we should love somebody / Maybe we could care a little more / Maybe we should love somebody / Instead of polishing the bombs of holy war," she belted as Miley Cyrus sang along from her swiveling chair.

Keys posted a truncated, a cappella version of "Holy War" to her Instagram last week when news outlets first began to confirm Trump's election.

"It is time to be awake. It is time to be here for all of us. What world do we want to live in? I choose one of love," she wrote.

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