With "One Strike," All Saints proved that even a re-re-comeback could still lead to actual greatness. But, in some ways, the greater challenge would be what comes immediately after for the girl group — and they've just passed that test, too.

"One Woman Man," the second official offering from the longstanding English girl group's forthcoming record Red Flag (out April 8), sees the resilient group marching into battle against an undesirable female competing for the same heart.

"Every battle has a widow, the mourner won’t be me," the troupe brazenly declare above a slow marching beat with their fists held high. (God, what a line!)

Take a cue from Robyn, pal: Call your girlfriend — it's time you had the talk.

Much like "One Strike," those girl group harmonies are like sonic buttah — even when the girls are getting positively pissed. "Tell me are you ready for me yet? I know you can make her understand / Tell me are you ever gonna be a one woman man?" they cry out above soaring strings on the dramatic chorus.

The striding track grows in intensity, eventually going in for the kill with one hell of an aggressive growl of a bridge: "Tell her that it's too late / 'Cause I'm never walking away, my love is here to stay! / Didn't she hear me say I ain't going nowhere?"

This is a war, and from the sound of it, there's no way the Saints won't win.

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