Anyone that knows me very well, knows that I LOVE Las Vegas. Granted, I'll probably never live there full-time.The public school system in Las Vegas isn't great (ranked 35th in the nation according to the Nevada Independent) the summertime weather is ridiculously hot, and I sometimes wonder how long the desert metropolis will be able to sustain limited water supply. When you leave the glamorous lights and action of the resort areas, much of the Las Vegas valley and suburbs are not particularly attractive and the city certainly has it's fair share of crime. Vegas gets an "F" rating from a website called Area Vibes, that utilizes FBI data to analyze crime statistics. Plus, I'd probably become a raging alcoholic and degenerate gambling addict if I lived too close to the action.

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That said, I've been to Vegas probably a dozen times or more. My wife a I got engaged in Vegas and we had an awesome wedding with close family and friends attending in 2010 at the Flamingo Garden. We've brought the kids with on a few of our trips and there are a fair amount of things they enjoy seeing and doing, like M&M World, the dolphin show at the Mirage, the Knights show at the Excalibur, etc. The best trips are without kids, because.... well, it's Vegas. If you are easily offended by debauchery, scantily clad women (and men), public intoxication, excessive gambling and carnal pursuits, Las Vegas might not be your idea of fun.

Credit: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media

I enjoy all the vices mentioned above. So when I heard that Allegiant Airlines is launching a promotion called "Work from Vegas" I was intrigued. According to a story by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the soon-to-be-launched concept will encourage people who are already working from home to come work from "home" in Las Vegas. The company is hoping their pitch of "work all day, play all night" in Vegas will appeal to customers who are tired of the scenery at their house. They're working on expanding their Work from Vegas promo with their existing partner hotels.

Credit: Michael Foth ~ Townsquare Media

A quick search on the Allegiant website today (8/4) revealed some ridiculously cheap packages. I selected a Monday to Friday travel date the last week in September and found a package for $202.34 including airfare and hotel at Bally's. Pick the Linq for $194 or the Strat for $191. Selecting a little classier hotel, you can book the same package at Caesar's Palace for $317.12.  Those rates are insane.

Granted, many attractions on the Strip and Downtown are operating on a very limited basis, thanks to COVID-19. Masks are required everywhere. Lots of restaurants and nearly all of the legendary Las Vegas shows are closed. But still... Vegas for 5 days for around $300?! That's tough to beat. Would you consider visiting Las Vegas right now, either for "work" or play? Take our poll below or shoot us a message on the free Hawk Mobile App!

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