Can you think of something that a co-worker does that really annoys you? Pop Sugar came up with a list of the annoying things people do at work. Some of them are pretty standard, but others are unexpected. 

  • Chewing loudly
  • Singing
  • Jangling bracelets
  • Telling inappropriate jokes
  • Making a mess in the microwave
  • Shoving pics of your kid in everyone's faces
  • Eating something smelly at your desk
  • Coffee breath
  • Being overly political
  • Stealing someone else's food
  • Taking selfies on the job
  • Laughing obnoxiously
  • Letting food go bad in the fridge
  • Complaining
  • Listening to music through your headphones so loudly, everyone around you can hear it
  • Putting strong-smelling air fresheners on your desk
  • Sharing way too much info about your sex life
  • Bragging about your vacation
  • Acting like you know more than you actually do
  • Lifting weights at your desk

Billy and I did our own thoughts on what annoys us, and it was I leave a ton of tabs open on the computer and he stopped making coffee in the morning. Otherwise not too much.

We do agree with some on the list above, how about you?