Scientists have not cured cancer, and it still hasn't helped with male pattern baldness either....however, science HAS been able to produce the most annoying Tweet in the world.Students did a study to find what annoys people the most on Twitter. The website . . .Who Gives a Tweet . . . was then create that allowed people to rate other users' Tweets.

Their findings? We hate:

  • Overly long Tweets
  • Too many hashtags
  • Stale information
  • Whiny tone
  • Overly personal information
  • Mundane topics (--Like the stereotypical "what I had for breakfast" Tweet.)

With all that combined the students made the most annoying Tweet in existence. Ready for it?

"BREAKING:  Last week I had a #sandwich that was SO HORRIBLE, it made me want to #scream.  Seriously, why can't they make better #sandwiches?"