Got up early yesterday and my husband and I headed down to the Yellowstone River. We walked multiple paths on Clarks Crossing. However, our adventure was cut short because swarms, literally, of mosquito's would not leave us be! I know we probably should have taken bug spray and what not, but seriously. The first hike that went down to the river was completely fine but then we made our way to the river from a different direction and that's where we got massacred! I figured being in trees and stuff farther away from the water would be fine, but nope!

I have lived in Oregon most my life and Seattle for three years. Both of these places are chalk full of trees, rivers and lakes but in all my life I have never seen more mosquito's than here in Billings! Maybe I'm not doing something right here? Is it the time of day? The place? The weather or the humidity that day? Maybe I just look like a good snack! But seriously, has anyone else noticed that they are particularly bad?