My wife and I love to fish. It's one of our favorite summertime activities. There just isn't a lot that can relieve stress like sitting on a bank and tossing a line into the water. It's pretty nice when that line tugs back, too.

We've been talking about doing something that we really haven't done before -- ice fishing.

We've done just about every other form of fishing, but drilling a hole in a slab of ice and yanking out a fish is something we haven't tried yet.

We were sitting back watching one of our favorite movies -- "Grumpy Old Men" -- when the subject came up. We have loved that movie ever since it came out. Even after the hundreds of times we've sat down and watched it, we've never has the thought of going ice fishing crossed our minds. Weird, right? I guess things happen when they're supposed to.

Well, the seed has been planted and we hope to do some form of ice fishing this year before it's too late. We just need to get some more equipment, freshen the license and find a good hole to plop in a line.

So what is your taste, Cat Pack? Do you fish year-round or just in the fair weather?