Well according to this list I am considered a lazy girl for sure. Although some, including myself, would argue these are lazy attributes.

After looking at this list of what they consider lazy girls to relate to, I can relate to more then half... does that mean I am a lazy girl? I am very active and constantly do things but when it comes to domestic things may be I am... According to College Candy here is a list of things only 'lazy girls' understand.

If someone doesn’t cook dinner, you won’t eat. (Well I don't like cooking dinner for just myself)

You love when people cancel plans. (Sadly I do)

Online shopping is the only shopping you do. (Not true, I like to shop.....)

Laundry is a last resort for you.

Leggings and sweatshirts make up 99% of your wardrobe.

Your least favorite part of the day is waking up.

Throwing everything under your bed is how you clean your room. (This use to be my way but not anymore)

You use paper plates so you don’t have to do the dishes.

Walking up a flight of stairs is the equivalent to climbing a mountain. ( Have you seen the stairs here at the radio station? There are lots of them)

You text your roommates from the other room so you don’t have to get up. ( We do this in the office...)

How many of these do you relate to?



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